Appointments can be made by:

  • Visiting our Consulting Room
  • Booking an appointment via Patient Access
  • Calling the practice on 01384 77194 between 08:00 and 18:30. Morning appointments can be booked from 08:00 and afternoon appointments from 13:00

The surgery offers two types of doctor’s appointments; routine and urgent. It is important you book the right type of appointment for your needs. Due to Covid restrictions, all our appointments are being delivered over the phone. If a doctor wishes to see you face to face, they will arrange this.

Routine Appointments

Non urgent appointments can be booked between 08:00 and 15:00 via option 2 of the main surgery line.

Routine appointments are for your everyday health needs. These appointments can be pre-booked up to a month in advance and are suitable for non-urgent problems and routine reviews of ongoing medical problems. You will be given the option to speak to a doctor of your choice.

Urgent Telephone Appointments

If you require an urgent appointment the receptionist will arrange this for you, however it may not always be with your chosen doctor. A doctor will call back usually within the specified time period. If they need to see you, they will arrange this.

These appointments allow one patient to speak to a doctor with one problem on the same day. It is unsuitable for problems that need a longer consultation. Urgent access appointments are appropriate for sudden illness, illnesses that have significantly worsened or would be unsafe to wait for the next routine appointment.

Routine Telephone Appointments

Our GPs are allocated timeslots throughout the week for these telephone appointments. Please speak with reception if you require an appointment with a specific doctor, using our Ask Reception A Question form.

A lot of problems can be dealt with by a telephone consultation. This is more convenient for a lot of our patient that have restricted times when they can come to the surgery. Also, the doctors can deal with more patients in an appointment session.

Extended Hours Pre-Bookable Appointments

We have a limited number of pre-bookable appointments available each week on Saturday mornings for both nurses and doctor’s. There are other appointments available throughout the week. These can only be booked via reception but occur at other surgeries locally.

Cancelled Appointments

Please let us know if you cannot attend an appointment by using our Cancel an Appointment triage.

Missed appointments and late cancellations lead to longer waiting lists. Due to increasing number of patients failing to keep appointments or cancelling at short notice it has become necessary to make the following recommendations:

  • Appointment cancellations
    • We require at least 48 hours prior notice, except in exceptional circumstances. This will enable us to offer that appointment to another patient.
  • More than one cancellation
    • We will be unable to offer further appointments without the consent of the referring GP.
  • Failure to attend
    • Patients who do not notify us and fail to keep their appointment will be written to by the practice manager. If the patient fails to attend three appointments, they may be removed from the practice list. This is in line with the practice policy.

Appointment Reminder Service

The practice will remind you of any face to face appointments via text message.